Who We Are

Welcome to Cloudslane, a pioneering force in Salesforce consulting and a proud woman-owned business. At our core, we are Technology Architects, driven to solve complex challenges in technology implementation with our seasoned expertise. Our journey began with a shared American Dream, embraced separately by our co-founders Priyanka Mittal, Minal Zaa, and Megha Mathur. Arriving in America with ambitions to make a meaningful life, they brought their rich IT backgrounds and a keen eye for the inefficiencies plaguing the industry.

After years of experiencing the unnecessary expenditure of resources on non-productive tasks during project execution, our founders envisioned a more efficient and value-driven approach. This vision gave birth to Cloudslane. We are not just implementers; we are validators, enhancers, and strategists dedicated to refining and elevating your Salesforce experience.

Our team, comprising deeply experienced Salesforce professionals and Certified Technical Architects, is committed to transcending the traditional boundaries of Salesforce implementation. The essence of Cloudslane lies in our unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and a relentless commitment to delivering excellence.

As a woman-owned business, we embody the spirit of innovation and empowerment. Co-founders Priyanka, Minal, and Megha are passionate about providing clients with strategies that make their Salesforce projects more profitable and sustainable. By choosing Cloudslane, you’re not just opting for exceptional Salesforce solutions; you’re supporting a vision that values diversity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us in our mission to transform your Salesforce experience while championing the cause of women-led businesses in the tech world.